Frequently Asked Questions

What I need to start my training with LaserHIT?

  1. Your firearm.
  2. LaserHIT HD training cartridge or any generic laser training cartridge (not a boresight).
  3. Paper target(s) attached to sturdy surface (wall or board).
  4. iPhone 6 & up or Android 5.0 & up with installed LaserHIT application.
  5. Tripod with smartphone holder attached to keep Phone still during the Practice.
  6. HD TV (optional): with HDMI cable (iPhone) or wireless (iPhone/Android).

How laserHIT works?

  1. Place laser cartridge inside your firearm’s barrel.
  2. Place paper target on the wall with approximate height of “center mass”.
  3. Face your phone camera towards paper target.
  4. Open LaserHIT mobile app on your phone and go thru the practice setup. NOTE: see user manual on our website if you have uncertainty or additional questions:
  5. Start your shooting at paper target.
  6. The phone camera will register laser dots on the paper target in-real time and display the shot results onto your phone screen and mirror the phone screen to big screen HD TV (if connected).

What LaserHIT practices supported on iPhone?

  • FREE TARGET is simplest target practice. Get any of your paper targets. Place it on the wall and start practicing. There is not too many statistics involved but you can add the challenge to your training by customizing Number of Shots, Training Time and size of Hit’s holes.
  • BLACK STEEL is re-sized target practice to honor the competitive shooters training. There are multiple targets involved as long its fits within iPhone screen. The Targets available in several scaled formats: 1/3, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, based on original “full-size 72 cm silhoutte” target.
  • TOP SCORE allows you to improve the 5 basic fundamentals of shooting (aiming, breath control, hold control, trigger control and follow through). You can expand the training time limit up to 5 minutes and work on the marksmanship fundamentals similar to a bullseye match; or shrink the time limit to work on fast acquisition. There is also big potential for competitive fun practice with customized settings of maximum score or/and maximum hits.
  • QUICK HIT is recognizable practice by field professionals: “This is invaluable for working on your draw and presentation at speed. Draw from concealment, draw from a duty holster, draw from your competition rig. Adjust your time limits, hit size and time out for single hits.” Quote from:

What LaserHIT practices supported on Android?

  • FREE TARGET is good starter practice. Get any of original LaserHIT or your own paper targets. Setup the touch-less Reload mark (include in the training kit). You will have 10 shots or 1 minute practice time. You will see your number of hits and real-time stop-watch. NOTE: first Android version released in August 2018. We plan to sync-up it with all iPhone Practices a very soon.

What are LaserHIT’s firearms options?

LaserHIT software universal compatibility gives you choice to use multiple firearm training options:

  • Your own real firearm (handgun and AR-15) with LaserHIT laser training cartridge instead of live ammunition.
  • Your own real firearm (handgun) with generic laser training cartridge available on the market.
  • Your own real firearm (handgun) with CO2 recoil system and built-in laser.
  • Any replica of handgun with laser built-in (Laserlyte, SIRT, etc.)
  • Your own Airsoft handgun with LaserHIT laser mock suppressor
  • LaserHIT laser training gun with laser built-in (available in M9 and MP9 models) NOTE: LaserHIT complex software algorithm will recognize, analyze and accurately read red, green, or blue lasers.

What calibers supported by laserHIT?

LaserHIT is available in 9mm, .38 special, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223 REM and .308 WIN calibers.

How to install LaserHIT app?

  1. On your smartphone: go to AppStore (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and enter in Search: laserhit (in one word)
  2. Tap on “Get” button.
  3. Confirm (if required) with "Install" button.
  4. Go to iPhone/Android Home screen to see LaserHIT icon appears on the screen.
  5. Tap on it to launch Application.

What Targets can I use for my FREE TARGET Practice?

Although, Free Target practice not required any specific Target, we recommend NOT to use the targets with white background or reflective targets. Best target should be printed on none glossy, recyclable paper. Ideal target should contain black target’s area.

What Targets can I use for my BLACK STEEL Practice?

We recommend to use our LaserHIT, Black resized, targets provided for free on our website: or You also welcome to try your own targets that meet the minimum requirements and limitations:

  • it should be really dark, preferable black, targets
  • it should be targets in solid color
  • the targets should be placed on the solid (no patterns), light background. LaserHIT suggestion: take some of your full size targets (recycled paper) and flip it over. Cut your black targets and glue it on the light background surface of the flipped, full size target. You can create multiple combination of the resized Targets for variety of Practices.

Why should I use the laserHIT targets for other Practices?

LaserHIT targets are specifically designed to support the highest quality and response to timing, accuracy and shot placement. Application will recognize the embedded Target code and make immediate adjustment upon the Targets changes. Usage of laserHIT targets will guarantee the visualization of scoring and grouping.

Is it possible to save my Practice results?

  • iPhone users: LaserHIT application will temporary save the screenshot at the end of each complete Practice session, right after the “Ceasefire” screen.
  • You will see the screenshot box with increasing number after each session on the Top Status bar.
  • Tap on it gently.
  • LaserHIt will need your one-time permission to save your screenshots on iPhone Photos app.
  • As Screenshot page opens you will see the number of screenshots. You can scroll the list up and down. You can zoom out the screen. You can select individual screenshot with your best, “control” results.
  • To confirm your selection, tap on the upload icon in the top right corner. Your screenshot will be permanently saved to your Photos. NOTE: Be aware, ALL your screenshots within laserHIT app will be deleted when you leave the current Practice. After you done with your screenshot selection, the App will direct your to the MAIN Practice page to select a new Practice.

  • Andoird users: In the first version laserHIT introduce the minimal option that helps to save your Pracitice Results:

  • Upon the end of each of your Practice session the Phone screen will be freeze to give you possibility to make a manual screenshot. Check with your particular Phone manufacture about "How to make a screenshot".

  • To un-freeze your Phone screen after you done with your screenshot, tap on Reload area on the Phone screen. NOTE: If you move your Phone from the tripod holder, you may need to assure all Setup settings again and re-start the Practice Setup process.

What to check if my .223 cartridge is “not working”?

There is one of drawback with .223 cartridges: the diversity and customization of the rifles. It may requires a little bit of adjustments to get it works. Please, follow up with the check-list:

  • make sure you remove the the battery protective film (see User Manual) from the laser training cartridge;
  • make sure your cartridge battery inserted correctly (“+” (flat service) down to the cartridge body);
  • test cartridge for the red laser light dot before place it into barrel. you can do it by assembly the cartridge parts back together and press the red rubber primer on the cartridge with your finger. If the cartridge is not produce any light, please contact us. If cartridge produce the light dot move to the next step;
  • get your rifle ready and make sure that your barrel clean and lubricated (do not apply lubricant on the cartridge itself). Do not load the cartridge thru the magazine;
  • completely insert cartridge into the chamber by hand (do not hammer down the cartridge by release the bolt-catch). Remember: cartridge is an electronic device and could be damaged by powerful mechanical force.

Should I buy new cartridge after my old one will be done/damaged by my firing pin?

There is no need to make a new cartridge purchase. Each cartridge contain replaceable cap part. You can purchase the spare cap, based on your caliber, at our online shop:

Does LaserHIT works with IR lasers?

Unfortunately, our app does not designed to work with IR lasers. The app using phone camera, which has high quality IR filter built-in. As an alternative, please, look at our cartridges HD Type ( The cartridge emit extremely short red light impulse almost invisible to naked eyes.

Do you have a IR version of laser training cartridge?

Please see answer on previous question.

What will happen to all my in-app purchases when I will get a new iPhone?

All your LaserHIT in-app purchases are saved by AppStore and will be restored on your new iPhone.

  1. Re-install your LaserHIT app from AppStore.
  2. Open laserHIT app and go to Main Practices page.
  3. Tap on the Restore button and wait several seconds.
  4. All your purchases will be confirmed thru the Apple Cloud and restored.

Where I can find my hit-counter?

You can find the hit-counter in the right upper corner on your Main Menu page. NOTE: your hit-counter will be reseted if you re-install LaserHIT application from AppStore/Google play again.

How to count shots of multiple cartridge calibers?

iPhone users:
Select desirable cartridge caliber before your training starts:

  1. Go to Main page -> Settings -> tap on LaserHIT training system tile.
  2. Select your caliber and tap on Back button to return to Main page.
  3. On Main page, in upper right corner you will see the accumulative number of all your shots done.

How is LaserHIT affect the phone battery life? Should the Phone be on charge all the time?

The LaserHIT mobile app is a very powerful app that loaded with many cool features. As a circumstance of application's work, it may drain phone battery. To prevent it, we highly recommend to keep your Phone on charger during the practice. We also recommend to reduce brightness of the Phone display while you using LaserHIT app to prevent overheating.

Is laserHIT and TV connection required?

LaserHIT is not required TV set for the training. We encourage our Customers to use this feature for the convenience. Would it be nice to see your practice results from 20 or 30 feet away? Would it be helpful to follow up immediately with your students shooting results during the class? Would it be fun to see the result responses in real time when you run friendly competition event? If one of your answers "Yes", you will consider to connect your TV and phone during your training with LaserHIT.

Will this system work if I have a modified trigger for my Glock, or will it still expect me to rack my slide for each shot?

It will work, depends on the reset trigger you had installed. There are several different systems exists on market. LaserHIT requires the firing pin to be engaged with each trigger pull. If you not sure about your particular system, please do some simple test:

  1. get ready your gun for dry fire - remove all ammunition from the gun and magazine;
  2. get your gun and point the barrel up;
  3. insert pencil in the barrel;
  4. pull the trigger. If the pencil will jump up, your gun is ready and will work with LaserHIT.

I connect my iPhone and TV according your HDMI-cable instructions but it is doesn’t work and iPhone is not getting charge power. Why?

There are the TV models on the market where USB port may not be powerful enough to power up adapter and charge to iPhone at the same time. Another cause may be the iPhone "plus" sizes that will required more power consumption. Please, try one more time the following steps:

  • Disconnect USB and disconnect cable "charger-end" from the iPhone.
  • Connect USB tale to “original” adaptor of your particular phone.
  • Wait until welcome screen appears on TV
  • Connect Lightning "charger" tale to the phone.
  • Wait until your phone screen appears on TV screen.
  • Start LaserHIT app.

I connect my iPhone and TV according your instructions but it does not maintain connection between iPhone and display regularly. Why?

Please see the answer to previous question.

I love the Black Steel Targets Practice but I am getting some unread hits on target with my iPhone. Why?

There are several Hints to help you:

  1. Try to not put targets too close to each other. Keep at least “thumb distance” between it.
  2. Make sure it is not cause by iPhone low performance. Please, do the following experiment: reduce speed of your shooting and observe after each shot if there is performance icon ( look like steps-graph) appears on top app panel. When it appears, it is means that phone is busy on background with some calculation or processing and not able to take more info under load; therefore, at this moment app will miss shots.
  3. There may be some unsupported iPhone version: we announced within version 2.4 that LaserHIT is no longer support iPhone 5s or 5se. Yes, these phones are similar to iPhone 6 and still there is difference of how phone units/parts communicates, and it will be a matter for our app.
  4. Assure your light conditions that may cause missing or unread shots:
  5. If there any red spots present on your Phone screen during setup and you skip it, these areas may be affected during your practice as “non-registered” areas.
  6. If you setup your laserHIT practice against the bright sun window/door and your “firing line” is between the light source and target, expect oversaturated light condition that may affect the shots registration.

.380ASP too long and I am not able to load it in to gun. What should I do?

Some handguns by design have short ejection ports. In this case, we recommend to perform “field strip” and insert cartridge directly into the barrel. We start exception list of firearms not supported by LaserHIT:

  • SigSauer P238 (reported by Charls A.)

I have issue to fit .380ACP into my S&W Bodyguard. What should I do?

This is an easy fix. Just remove your magazine, hold the gun upside down and drop the cartridge into the gun through the magazine (holding your hand over the ejection port so it doesn't fall all the way through). Then just work the cartridge around until it goes into the chamber. To remove it, use a pen, pencil or cleaning rod to push it out from the front of the barrel. Please check the video provided by Steve G.

I use your 25m Target for my Free Target Practice and the Reload area is not working. Any suggestions?

The 25M target was specifically designed for TOP SCORE and QUICK HIT practices, where reload area much bigger by width and App do some auto-adjustments. You still may use the 25M target with Free Target practice with some limitation. We should stress out the conceptual understanding about “Reload Area”:

  • It is just any mark on the wall that corresponding to semi-transparent reload panel on the Phone screen. What you see on the wall through this panel on your phone, it what and where the actual reload area is on the wall.
  • To be able to reset/reload your practice, hit with your first shot in Practice the “actual reload area” covered by and corresponded to phone screen.

Can I use other laser ammo? If I already have the kit?

Surely, you can use any other laser cartridges available on the market, except of infra red lasers. Be aware that we are not guaranteed the same grade of accuracy and shooting speed with other cartridges but we try our best to support variety of systems.

  • iPhone users: To start training with Other laser cartridges, please, go to laserHIT app Main Page -> Settings -> and tap on tile Other -> tap on laser color preference.
  • Android users: Your phone hardware may not be compatible with laserHIT HD laser training cartridge. In this case you are welcome to user LaserHIT software with any generic laser cartridge on the market. We gladly will help you with "generic" replaceable cap for your cartridge. Please, contact us

When I try to use the laser cartridge in my new Ruger EC9s, it stays "on" all the time as soon as I close the slide. What should I do?

We will recommend to cleanup and lubricate the barrel. If it doesn't help, remove the rear o-ring. (Credit: Chris B.)

Does your system work with the new iPad 9.7"?

We do not have iPad version yet but you can download iPhone version on iPad. The interface looks a little bit different but app itself will work. The app is free. Try it. NOTE: the standalone iPad version is on our to-do list for 2018.

I picked up a LaserLyte training pistol and the Laserhit software is registering double-hits on almost every trigger pull. Is there anything in the settings I can change that might keep that from happening?

  • iPhone users: For LaserLyte pistol (or any non-LaserHIT cartridges) you have to change system settings: MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > Other Training System > Red Laser > anything. You will not have double hits, but the system will miss hits if you pull trigger more often then 3 times per sec.
  • Android Users: MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > change the system settings to GENERIC

Weak or defective laser? The cartridge came within the package produce a very small and weak spot on the target. I have cartridge from another company and it give me a very nice, bright red spot.

  • The "small laser spot" is our unique feature and bigest advantage among other. The "Strong bright laser spot" on target drags your attention from the sights and develop a bad habit. You should train yourself to use gun sights, instead of aiming by moving laser dot on the target. It was a main reason why military switch to infra-red lasers (invisible for human eyes).
  • Another advantage of "small laser spot" is a high accuracy of hit registration. The app will show you exact spot where laser hit the target regardless of gun movement. Try to use "strong bright laser" while you practice drawing from holster or consilnment and your laser will be all over the target.

I have no sound on TV when using laserHIT with wireless connection. Is there a setting somewhere that I missed?

  1. Make sure the Phone Mute switch (on the site of volume controllers) is not in Mute position
  2. Make sure the Phone volume down button is not jammed by smartphone holder
  3. Turn the Phone volume level all way up
  4. Try FREE TARGET PRACTICE without wireless connection to TV. Make sure the phone produce the sounds while you navigate through the application. Hit the target and Reload area to confirm the sounds
  5. Connect the phone and TV wirelessly
  6. Use TV remote control to adjust the volume sound on the TV
  7. If the phone screen mirrored to the TV, but sound is still misbehaved, make sure the wireless Adapter firmaware are up to date. To upgarde the firmware, please, follow the instructions

If you experience any uncertainty or technical difficulty to start/or to proceed with your training and don’t find the solution above, please, submit your help request on LaserHIT support page. We are the team, who create and love our product. We will help you.

You are welcome to suggest your Practice and Targets or to ask your question to help LaserHIT community - contact us