LaserHIT targets


The LaserHIT provided access to several downloadable/printable targets for free.


Most of the LaserHIT targets available in scale 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:8 and 1:16. Scaled targets allow you to reduce shooting distance according to the target's scale. For example, if you shoot at 1:4 target from 10 feet, it will be equal as you shoot at 1:1 target from 40 feet. The LaserHIT app will apply the scale automatically.

LaserHIT Downloadable Targets

How to print the target

  1. Open this page on desktop computer

  2. Select a target image

  3. Save the image

  4. Print the saved image on plain white paper (letters or A4 size)

More Targets Options

The LaserHIT designed the range of WALL and TABLETOP targets available for purchase in different scales and sizes. The target’s pattern specifically designed to increase the robustness to the light sensitivity.


Premium paper or cardstock WALL TARGETS with embedded Reload Mark.


Rigid, extra-thick, wire-bonded, double-side printed, thermoplastic TABLETOP TARGETS with embedded Reload Mark. Simple setup on any tabletop (no push pins, no duct tape). Gun-oil, lubricant, water and soap resistant.