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Setup for iPhone

Setup for Android



Does the comparison table seem complicated? Let’s review it line-by-line and feature-by-feature to help you to decide what wireless devices will serve your Dry Fire practice the best.

Mirroring delay (the significant factor)

The mirroring delay (lag time) refers to the delay time in updates and synchronization between the phone and the TV screens. Does it important? It depends on the purpose of your training. If you are working on the fundamentals, then the delays become a little bit annoying but don’t affect your training results. If you are practicing the draw from holster/concealment or trying to become the fastest shooter in the world, then you should worry about every fracture of a second. The worst part is the unknown exact delay time. The numbers in the table averaged and provided for reference only. The actual delay time depends on your TV model, the particular phone, and the light conditions and which could be varied.

iOS/Android support

Most of the wireless dongles on the market support single platform only: iOS or Android. All LaserHIT wireless devices are universal and support both iOS and Android.

iOS/Android auto switch

LaserHIT Wireless and LaserHIT Wireless-X support both platforms. The LaserHIT Wireless-X will switch between iOS and Android mode automatically upon connection to your phone. The LaserHIT Wireless requires the manual push of the button on the side of the dongle. Does it important? It depends on your appreciation of the convenience. The LaserHIT Wireless has default preset of iOS or Android mode. Each time the dongle powered up, it will switch to default settings. It could be a difficult task to reach the dongle at the back on the big TV if you need to switch the platform. Pay attention to the default system during the purchase of the LaserHIT Wireless. Or never worry about it with LaserHIT Wireless-X.

Work offline

Both LaserHIT Wireless and LaserHIT Wireless-X have not required an Internet during the Practice. Your phone will stream directly to the TV. Does it important? It depends on your value of privacy. If the mirroring device depends on the Internet to work, it means that all your shooting sessions stream somewhere to the Internet Clouds. Then, it may be available for monitoring by someone else without your knowledge.

Account free

Both LaserHIT Wireless and LaserHIT Wireless-X works out of the box, plug-and-play. All other solutions required to create an account and will not work without internet. They will know who you are, where you live, and how often you were practicing. Does it important? It’s up to you.

External WiFi antenna

The big TV screen between the device and your phone may block the signal and mirroring may become interrupted. Both LaserHIT Wireless and LaserHIT Wireless-X have an external antenna, which could be placed outside the TV screen to provide clear reception. Sometimes it is the only way for reliable mirroring.

LaserHIT technical support

If you have issue with the LaserHIT Wireless or LaserHIT Wireless-X, let us know. Our technical support team will resolve it. We don’t provide support for none LaserHIT products.

In CONCLUSION: There is a variety wireless devices on the market, which are perfectly designed to stream movies from the Internet to your TV screen. The minimum of mirroring delay, the work offline and the privacy of your screen were never under consideration by design. The LaserHIT Wireless and LaserHIT Wireless-X will not stream the movies from the internet for you. Its designed and tuned to work with LaserHIT app to provide the best and secure target practice experience with minimum mirroring delay possible. It is simply the best for the particular job.


What is the difference between LaserHIT Wireless and Wireless-X?

The LaserHIT Wireless-X is our latest model with simplified user interface. It works faster, switches automatically between iOS and Android systems, and most important, provides lowest in the class mirroring delay. Check "Mirroring delay" above for details.

If all LaserHIT wireless devices support both iOS and Android, why its listed separately above? What is the difference?

The LaserHIT Wireless and LaserHIT Wireless-X differ by the setup and connecting flow for iOS and Android. Check "iOS/Android auto switch" above for details.

So, the LaserHIT Wireless and Wireless-X will works with all phones?

Both devices work with any iPhones/iPads and with the most of the Android phones. If you have the Android phone and your phone support screen mirroring (Miracast), it will work.

I set this up, and the mirroring delays are enormous. Like, 2-3 sec at least. What can I do?

The common source of the delay (lag) is the special TV feature calls picture "enhancement". Go to your TV settings, find the picture settings options, and disable all "enhancement" by select MONITOR or GAME mode. Depends on the particular TV, this settings option may be set separately for each HDMI input. Check the TV manual for details.

"The mirroring delay depends on the phone and light condition." What do you mean?

The hardware capacity of your phone and light conditions may dramatically affect the LaserHIT app performance. There is a simple dependency to observe: if the RPM (Android) or FPS (iPhone) number are start falling, the mirroring delay will increase. You can find the RPM/FPS number at the bottom left corner while the "live camera view" running on the phone screen. On the low-performance phone or in the low light condition the RPM/FPS number will never reach the maximum; and therefore, the mirroring delay time will newer be the best. NOTE: The numbers provided in the comparison table above measured while PRM/FPS were maximum.

Why do I need screen mirroring at all? Is the phone itself not enough?

The phone itself is enough. The inconvenience problem starts when you step from the target 10 feet away. The phone must stay next to the target to record your hits, not by your side at the firing line. The beautiful big TV, nesting in your living room and doing nothing at your practice time, may become very helpful. Hook it up to your phone with the wireless, and turn the living room into the full-motion shooting range. The best part, you don't need to buy a new TV, utilize what you have already.