HITS, SIZE - Challenge yourself with the virtual bullet holes.

  • Tap on +/- to personalize your bullet's hole size.

HITS, MAX - Control your number of hits per session

  • Set the number of hits per practice session (for example: think about your firearm's magazine capacity).
  • Your Practice will Ceasefire when you reach the maximum of customized number.

TIMEOUT, SEC - Change your practice time duration

  • Customize your practice duration from 10 seconds up to 3 minutes.
  • Practice timer starts right at the moment when COMMENCE FIRING screen appears and ends with CEASEFIRE screen.

DELAY, SEC - Delay your practice start

  • Customize your COMMENCE FIRING delay at the beginning of the practice.
  • Extend the delay up to 5-10 seconds to work on your concealed carry draw techniques.
  • Short your time-start to 1-3 seconds to practice on target accusation and on trigger control.

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