Bringing discreet and safe firearm training into the comfort of your home! LaserHIT dry fire training software allows you to practice multiple drills and educating your family about firearm safety. As a skill builder, competing against your friends while reinforcing safe handling procedures and proper shooting dynamics. Designed by shooting instructors and military veterans, LaserHIT systems make it fun and inexpensive to shoot like the pros!

The LaserHIT Solutions

Dry Fire Training Kit

Dry Fire Training Kit

  • The portable shooting range that's always ready to go!

  • Designed for all ages and skill levels.

  • Comes in multiple options.

Mobile app

  • Total discreet training - no profile, no clouds, no share, no tracking, no Internet required

  • Provide professional-grade accuracy of laser hits registration with LaserHIT patent-pending Computer Vision algorithm

  • Hit-counter to track cartridge usage

  • Setup in seconds with the patent-pending interface

  • Available for iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire

  • Mirror the phone screen and see where you hit on your TV

How it works

  1. Load your firearm with laser training cartridge (laser bullet).

  2. Take aim at the LaserHIT paper target and pull the trigger.

  3. The cartridge will fire a short red laser dot at the target, simulating a bullet impact each time you pull the trigger.

  4. LaserHIT mobile app running on your phone or your tablet will track your shots on the target and display your hits.

  5. You will see each of your shots on your phone in real-time with realistic shooting sound effects.

Train with your own firearm

Practice with your own everyday carry or home defense firearm. Build and maintain muscle memory between shooting range visits. At home or at the range the weight, the grip, the sights and the trigger pull will remain the same.

Practice with LaserHIT


Practice with Silhouette target, or your own multiple targets, or actual objects (must fit into the phone screen within 1-10 feet distance). Use augmented reality to reset your practice right from the firing line (we call it RELOAD). Customize your training settings to create competitive exercises for family or friends*. You can also save the accumulative screenshots to track your progress and monitor improvement*.


Black Steel is multiple reduced-sized targets practice that allow you to focus on fundamental steps of variety of shooting competitions. Set up a “stage” right inside your house with LaserHIT Black Steel targets (or your own black targets any shape/size/quantity) and let start focus on how to draw, acquire targets acquisition, press the trigger, move to a position of cover, change magazines, etc. The same principles can be applied to other gun manipulations like reloads, switching between guns for multi-gun matches, and to moving into, out of, and between positions.


Practice with specific LaserHIT paper targets to improve the 5 basic fundamentals of shooting (aiming, breath control, hold control, trigger control and follow through). Top Score is the best solution to work on your marksmanship accuracy and grouping with customizable time-frames up to 5 minutes. Use augmented reality to Reload and reset your practice right from the firing line.You can also save the accumulative screenshots to track your progress and monitor improvement.

QUICK HIT (Quick Draw)

Practice with the specific LaserHIT paper targets to improve your speed, accuracy performance with a variety of practices such as drawing from concealment, drawing from a holster, ready up drills, and more. Track your score and timing for single draws. Use augmented reality to Reload and reset your practice right from the firing line. Customize your minimum/maximum time delays, max hits, hit size and time out for single hits. You can also save the accumulative screenshots to track your progress and monitor improvement.

Key components

Your own firearm

Your own firearm (rifle, pistol or revolver)

LaserHIT mobile app

Your own iPhone, Android smartphone or Fire Tablet with the LaserHIT mobile App


LaserHIT Training Kits

Your own big screen TV

Your own big screen HD TV

LaserHIT Training Cartridges

Laser training cartridge (laser bullet)
  • LaserHIT training cartridges (laser bullet) comes within Training Kits or separately in many standard calibers and requires no modifications to your firearm.

  • Simply drop the cartridge into the chamber of your firearm and you're ready to go.

  • The cartridge will emit a very short red light each time it's struck by the firing pin. Two o-rings keeps the cartridge in a place and maintain alignment during the training.

  • The rimless design prevents the cartridge from being extracted during cycling.

  • The hardened rubber primer is designed to protect your firing pin from wear, and it is replaceable.

  • 5mW Class IIIa red laser is safe to use without eye protection.

  • We designed two different cartridge types to serve different training purposes.

Cartridge types

LaserHIT HD Training Cartridge

  • Tiny laser dot gives you realistic feelings: you will focus on the sights, not on the laser sparks. Good for advanced shooters.

  • HD cartridge gives you perfect dot for precise accuracy. See your results as it is - pure dot, no dashes.

  • It works with any type of firearms: bolt action, semi-auto, or any revolvers.

  • 300,000 hits or 3 years with 1 battery set

  • Works with all iPhones and limited Android phones. If you Android user, download free LaserHIT app on Google Play and check if it will works with your phone.

LaserHIT Generic Training Cartridge

  • Bright red dot gives you immediate visual feedback: you will correct the aiming errors on the fly. Good for the beginners.

  • GENERIC cartridge gives you the dot or dash on the target. If you get the dash, work on your trigger control to turn it to the dot.

  • Works with semi-auto and some revolvers. It doesn't works with bolt action rifles.

  • Up to 3,000 hits with 1 battery set.

  • Works with all iPhones, Android phones and Amazon Fire tablets.

LaserHIT Mobile App

You can practice like the Pros in the comfort of your own living room with laserHIT's cutting edge computer vision and augmented reality technologies combined into an easy to use mobile application. It is the fastest, safest, and lowest cost way to hone your shooting skills. 

The app is specially designed to work with any HD TV to provide large and crystal crisp content on a big screen in real time. No need to buy projectors, computers, or costly software to start practicing. No monthly fee, no profile, no clouds, no share, no tracking, no surprises. Simply download the mobile app to your phone, connect the phone to your big screen TV and you're ready to go! You will clearly see your training results on the big screen, even if you practice from 100 feet away.

Even better, each practice drill has a unique touch-less reload feature. This enables you to Restart your training session without leaving the firing line. Simply hit the dedicated RELOAD area on your target scene the same way as you hit the target.

This provides you with more time to Focus on practice. Less time wasted walking back and forth to observe results on a small screen or to reset the training session.

For iPhone users we recommend connect your iPhone to your HD TV directly through Lightning-to-HDMI cable included in Training Kit and Training Kit mini or mirror the screen wirelessly with wireless adapter included in Training Kit and Training Kit mini.

For Android users we recommend mirror the screen with wireless adapter included in Training Kit and Training Kit mini or any options available for your phone.

For Amazon Fire wireless mirroring is not available at this time.

LaserHIT mobile app


Owning a firearms store is difficult, it’s far worse when you don’t have a physical range attached to it. I was looking for affordable solutions to aid my customers in trying out firearms without actually having a range. I was lucky enough to find LaserHIT Shooters on social media.
They offer a great system at a fantastic value. I am a firm believer that firearms owners should practice and train with what they intend to use or carry. This can be tricky when time and cost become a factor. With LaserHIT you can practice on your own time and not pay crazy amounts in range fees, ammo, etc.
I will gladly stock this product in my store and highly recommend this to people looking for ways to train that won’t break the bank!
— Scott Sterner owner of Sterner Firearms. 2301 Harrisburg Pike Suite 205 Lancaster, PA 17601
Let me be clear that I was EXTREMELY skeptical of the system because I am not good with technology. I invited a good friend of mine over to try it out when I got it out of the box. My friend is an outstanding competitive shooter and a machinist by trade. He, too, was a skeptic but it took about three minutes before Bill said this was a quality piece of equipment. The smile on Bill’s face said it all but he was also impressed. Bill had told me at the start of the day that he was the type of guy who only wants to hear loud noises and feel heavy recoil for his practice. By the end of the day, he was asking how much a set up like this cost and I think he was just a bit jealous!
— Rich Portwood. LEO, Firearms/tactics instructor, Competitive shooter, IL (
It was a ton-O-fun using the different shooting options and targets and this is just great for any airsofter or real steel shooter to train in the comfort of your own home.
— Bruce B., Direwolves Airsoft Team & Recon Unit RTL. Toronto, CA
I have been doing a lot of quick draw with dry fire training lately, and I purchased a laser bullet not long ago. I stumbled upon your app yesterday and tried it out. Wow! Congratulations and keep up the good work!
— John from Omaha, NE
Thank you for most realistic experience with shooting without live ammo. You will go big!
— Chris, Shooting instructor, AK
Best simulator I’ve ever tried.
— Phil M., Reno, NV